Photo of crystallography research


TTP LabTech Mosquito Crystallization Robot

JANSi UVEX-P Robitic Crystallization Imaging System

Stereomicroscopes for crystal mounting and microphotography

Full biochemical support lab, including AKTA FPLC, AKTA Primes, Promega Maxwell 16 lane polyhistidine protein purification system, spectrophotometers, super-speed centrifuge, real-time PCR system, peltier cooled crystallization incubator, dedicated lab
space for protein crystallization at 4, 20 and 25C.

Bruker rotating anode, CCD detector, and 100K cold stream for cryocrystallography

Complete set of tools for crystal mounting, cryopreservation and shipping to beamlines
Shipping dewars, cases, ALS pucks and
SPINE baskets for beamline automation systems.