TTP LabTech Mosquito Crystallization Robot

JANSi UVEX-P Robitic Crystallization Imaging System

Stereomicroscopes for crystal mounting and microphotography

Full biochemical support lab, including AKTA FPLC, AKTA Primes, Promega Maxwell 16 lane polyhistidine protein purification system, spectrophotometers, super-speed centrifuge, real-time PCR system, peltier cooled crystallization incubator, dedicated lab
space for protein crystallization at 4, 20 and 25C.

Bruker D8-Venture home x-ray generator
Photon 2 Detector
IμS-Cu sealed X-ray source
Cryocrystallography capable

Complete set of tools for crystal mounting, cryopreservation and shipping to beamlines
Shipping dewars, cases, ALS pucks and
SPINE baskets for beamline automation systems.